The 'AI' BK Prosthesis

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

The A.I Below Knee prosthesis is manufactured by 3D scanning the residual limb with utmost accuracy. This gives the user the best comfort available while maintaining functionality and efficiency at the socket and the foot.

The first BK model.

The Ankle joint moves in accordance with the user's step but with restriction for safety and efficiency.

The junction provided between the toes and foot mimics natural movement and completes the step properly. The prosthesis also has vibration dampening feature in the foot giving further comfort while walking.

We use the best quality silicone liners or socks based on the evaluation of the residual limb.

Training will be provided accordingly by therapists. We follow up for feedback to constantly update and upgrade our mechanics.

User's can choose custom colours from a range of options.

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