e-NABLE's 'Talon Hand'.

Here is a prototype of a new age prosthetic device called 'Talon Hand'. It is 3D printed for indiviuals with partial amputation of hand or born with conditions like Symbrachydactyly. The device requires a functional wrist with flexion movement that actuates the prosthetic fingers to move.

An international organisation called 'The e-NABLE foundation' helps people in need of this simple but interesting device. A complete and finished product looks awesome and right out of a sci-fi movie. Children love it and the one I'm holding is a paediatric size. This only a functional prototype there's more of padding and finishing to it.

Watch our Facebook video for an un-stretched video version. Please click on the following link.


The Mother Orthopaedics Centre,85/134, Big Street, Opposite I.O.B, Tiruvannamalai - 606601.