The A.I Myoelectric Prosthesis.

A successfully accurate and functional prototype.

We developed the prototypes for both levels of amputation (i.e) Transhumeral and Transradial, a long time ago in early 2020. Since then we have progressed to a very pragmatic, functional and aesthetic look of the AI Prostheses.

The weight of a double jointed prosthesis with an elbow and a wrist does not exceed 1.2 Kgs. Although the photos of the protos above are 3D printed (heavier) they are only to test the success of the accuracy. You will be surprised that our arm has an incredible accuracy compared to other international bionic arms (<=80%).

please visit us often to look for more updates.

The Mother Orthopaedics Centre,85/134, Big Street, Opposite I.O.B, Tiruvannamalai - 606601.