The AI Electric Wheelchair was basically designed for Quadriplegic and Paraplegic individuals but any users with locomotor disabilities can use it such as senior citizens or patients with severe Arthritis. The goal is to re-attain freedom and be independent, with comfort.


Based on the user's application we will manufacture you either the hand joy-stick controlled ( for Lower Limb Paralysis ) or the chin-controlled (For Below-the neck Paralysis).

Please contact us for any queries. We will respond to you in less than 12 hours.

We also request a lead time of 3-4 weeks. Thank you for understanding.


The AI Electric Wheelchair - Chin controlled

  • - Premium seats with first-class comfort and durability.

    - Battery life: More than 8 hours of continuous running time.

    A single full charge of 6 hours should typically last 4-5 days.

    Speed: The Wheelchair can be configured from 1 km/hr to up to 5 km/hr. By default, it comes at 1.5 km/hr as recommended by safety experts to manoeuvre inside and around the residence.

    - Modern maneuvering system. The chin control is very sensitive and perfect for users who have been confined to a bed for a long time. It can be adjusted in anyways to suit your best comfort to drive your vehicle.

    - Minimal noise produced and all the electric components are protected from dust.

    - Seat belts present. This is an important component especially for Quadriplegics. 

    - Extra features: Users can purchase various car seat massagers available online or from local retailers and use it as an add-on.

The Mother Orthopaedics Centre,85/134, Big Street, Opposite I.O.B, Tiruvannamalai - 606601.